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In the development of my theory I re-developed a few thoughts for which I later found precursors in historic papers. I have translated them into English for general reference.
  Rudolf Clausius: On a mechanical law applicable to heat
Poggendorffs Annalen 141, 124-130 (1870)

The equation of state is today exclusively taught in scalar form; it is interesting to see that it was originally given in vector form by Clausius (1870). This paper was published 25 years after the Navier-Stokes paper by George Stokes (1845), - which was, after all, still before the First Law of thermodynamics became known in 1847 - and is in my eyes a direct counter-proposition to Stokes and Euler. I call the reader's attention to Clausius' equation 13: by equating the kinetic energy in a system with heat, Clausius made it impossible to approach elastic deformation through an equation of motion, as it is done in Euler's equations and current continuum mechanics; instead, his equation offers the equation of state for the same purpose.

For my discussion of the Navier-Stokes-equations, see my paper   "Approach to Deformation Theory".

Eduard Grüneisen: Relation between compressibility, thermal expansion, atom volume and atomic heat of the metals
Annalen der Physik 26, 393-402 (1908)

I also duplicated the development of the exponential form of the equation of state for solids which was first proposed by Grüneisen (1908). It seems that he concluded the existence of this exponent simply for mathematical reasons, but he was uncertain about the physical nature of this exponent.

A physical definition of the exponent is given in my paper   "Approach to Deformation Theory", eqn.14.

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